You have 5 choices to determine the best character dining experience at Disneyland. If you want dinner, your only option is Goofy’s Kitchen. Looking for a 3-course meal versus a buffet, you will be dining with the princesses at the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure. If you don’t want to leave Disneyland Park, you will be eating breakfast with Minnie and Friends at Plaza Inn.

When it comes to food choices, the breakfast buffets are all very similar and the same price. It comes down to what characters are your priority in seeing as well as location.

Minnie & Friends Breakfast

Top 3 things I love most about this character dining experience at Disneyland is that

  1. It is the only theme park character dining at Disneyland and happens to be on Main Street U.S.A. It is convenient having breakfast in the park as you can take advantage of the early hours of the park opening, have breakfast, and then go right back to your park activities when you are done eating. No time wasted!
  2. The Disneyland character dining experience at Plaza Inn always seems to be more playful and interactive. The characters play amongst themselves along with you at your table. The energy at this character dining experience is contagious and magical.
  3. It has the most characters of all the Disneyland character dining restaurants and characters that you don’t always get to see normally in the park. Characters are never a guarantee and different ones can appear at different times.

We love this character dining experience because there is never a dull moment. It always seems to have 6-8 characters stopping by your table. To give you an idea of characters we have seen at Breakfast with Minnie…

The Food at Minnie & Friends Breakfast

Not only is this one of the best character dining experiences, but the food is great here as well. You can expect to pay $35-$59.99 per person plus gratuity. We like to make it more of a brunch and make our reservations later in the morning. We will eat a light snack in the morning to get us going, enjoy the morning hours in the park, and then eat between 10-11am. Make sure to plan ahead and make a reservation here.

Minnie & Friends Breakfast is an all-you-care-to-eat buffet. They have omelets (made-to-order), Mickey waffles, french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits & gravy, potatoes, pastries, fruit, cereal, and juices. It’s your ordinary breakfast buffet, but it does taste good and it’s filling.

Goofy’s Kitchen – Breakfast & Dinner Character Dining Experience

Goofy’s Kitchen is the only Disneyland character dining experience where you can have both breakfast or dinner with characters. It is located at the Disneyland Hotel. If you are in the Disneyland park, take the monorail from Tomorrowland to Downtown Disney for a fun ride and break off your feet.

If you are celebrating a birthday or a special occasion, I highly recommend Goofy’s Kitchen for the best character dining experience. See the end of this post for a fun way to celebrate with a special order celebration cake.

You will definitely see Goofy and have a photo opportunity with Goofy or Pluto before you are seated. There are typically around 2-3 additional characters that will stop by your table during breakfast or dinner.

Chip and Dale are typical, but not always. We have seen the Mad Hatter, princesses, Aladdin, and others in the past. It will vary.

The Food at Goofy’s Kitchen

Both breakfast and dinner are an all-you-care-to-eat buffet for $35-59.99. There is more of a spread and selection here than at Breakfast with Minnie at Plaza Inn. The food is good. I personally prefer breakfast over dinner, but it all depends on your schedule.

Breakfast includes an omelet station and cheese blintzes, Mickey waffles, pancakes, French toast, sausage, eggs benedict, frittata, ham, salmon, pastries, fresh fruit, chicken and veggies, and Goofy’s famous peanut butter and jelly pizza.

Dinner includes a meat carving station, fish, seasonal vegetables, hot dogs, and pizza. There is a buffet of desserts, but the signature dessert for this character dining experience is warm bread pudding.

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure

The newest Disneyland character dining experience is the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure at Napa Rose in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. The princess dining used to be located at Ariel’s Grotto in Disney’s California Adventure Park, but with the reimgineering of Pixar Pier, it closed and moved to the new location with a few changes.

It’s the most expensive of all the Disneyland character dining experiences at $125 for both adults and children plus tax and gratuity.

What sets this one apart from the others is the 3-course breakfast and princess-themed activities. Story-time with Belle is sure to be a hit with the small princesses.

The Food at Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure

What didn’t change from Ariel’s Grotto to the new restaurant is the 3-course meal. This is the only character dining experience that is not a buffet. The 3-tier tower of appetizers for starters is always a hit. You can fill up on the pastries, assorted fruits, granola parfaits, mini ham sandwiches, and more before you even get to the main course.

The main course has kid-friendly options like mac ‘n’ cheese, princess waffles, and BBQ sliders. For the adults, you can choose from breakfast items and a selection of meats.

Save room for dessert – cake pops, tarts, macarons, and sorbet. A perfect way to top it all off.

Mickey’s Tale of Adventure Breakfast & Brunch Buffet Character Dining Experience

What used to be Chip and Dale Critter Breakfast is now Mickey’s Tale of Adventure Breakfast. Mickey moved over from Paradise Pier’s Surf’s Up: Breakfast with Mickey & Friends.

Storyteller’s Cafe at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa is a personal favorite to eat at for the Craftsman ambiance. I loved it when it was breakfast with the critters and still fun with Mickey’s change-up of surfer to wilderness explorer.

Note: if you eat here, you can easily access the restaurant from Disney’s California Adventure park’s special park entrance/exit located by Grizzly’s River Run ride. If you are going back to the park after you eat, show your receipt at the gate to enter back through. The entrance is reserved for Grand Californian Hotel & Spa guests unless you are eating or shopping in the hotel.

Food at Mickey’s Tale of Adventure Breakfast

Like all the others, this buffet is also priced at $35-59.99. If you are catching on, the buffet menu is about the same including an omelet station, scrambled eggs, quiche, chilaquiles, bacon, sausage, potatoes, granola parfaits, bagels, and fresh fruit.

Donald Duck’s Seaside Breakfast & Brunch

This Disney character dining experience theme has changed a handful of times, but still takes on the seaside theme of the Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel where it is located inside of Disney’s PCH Grill.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s you have the option for brunch reservations.

If you love Donald Duck, this is a great place to catch him. The times we visited when it was Surf’s Up: Breakfast with Mickey & Friends and Aloha Breakfast with Lilo & Stitch, the restaurant was not full. The location is not ideal for this restaurant if you are not staying at this hotel. It’s a good hike to get to from both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks.

I personally recommend the other character dining experiences over this one. If it is slow like for us, then what makes this one so great is that it is off the beaten path and the opportunity to have more time with the characters. If you are staying at Paradise Pier, this is a good one to sneak in for breakfast before heading to the parks.

Food at Donald Duck’s Seaside Breakfast

This character dining is the same price as the other buffets at $35-59.99. Instead of an omelet station, you will find a parfait station. Your typical breakfast with scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, sausage, bacon, chilaquiles, chicken & waffles, salmon, Mickey waffles, Minnie pancakes, French toast, and fresh fruit.

Celebrations at Charcter Dining Experiences

If you are celebrating a special occasion or even if it’s celebrating a very merry un-birthday, you can make a reservation for a celebration cake. The cake is $45 and feeds 4-6 guests easily.

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